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Welcome to The Shires Group, your trusted partner for seamless international removals services to Malta. Our expertise extends beyond the journey; it’s about helping you embrace the Mediterranean dream stress-free. From the moment you dial 0800 590 519, our dedicated team ensures your move to Malta becomes an experience worth remembering.



Discover stress-free Malta house removals with The Shires Group, your trusted removals company. Our comprehensive moving services ensure a seamless transition as you embark on this exciting house move from the UK to Malta. With years of experience in the industry, we specialise in making your house move smoothly and efficiently. Our expert moving team handles every aspect, from packing to transportation, ensuring the safety of your belongings. Whether it's a local house move or an international relocation, we cater to your needs, making the process hassle-free. Trust The Shires Group for reliable moving services that turn your house move into a comfortable and efficient adventure. Choose us for a worry-free experience as you transition to your new home in Malta.


Streamline your office removal with The Shires Group, the preferred choice among moving companies in Malta. Our tailored solutions ensure a seamless transition, whether it's a local office removal or relocating from the UK to Malta. As experienced removal specialists, we understand the intricacies of office removals, minimising disruptions to your operations. From packing to set up, our dedicated team manages every aspect, ensuring your belongings are in safe hands. Choose The Shires Group for a stress-free office removal experience. With a track record of excellence, we stand out among removal companies, providing top-notch services that align with your needs. Trust us to handle the logistics, so you can focus on your business and settle into your new Malta office smoothly.


Begin your journey to living in Malta effortlessly with The Shires Group’s comprehensive moving services. Our door-to-door solutions ensure a seamless transition, allowing you to embrace the vibrant lifestyle of Malta without stress. Trust in our expertise as you move to Malta, and let us handle the logistics. With The Shires Group, your move becomes an exciting adventure to a new home, made smoother and more enjoyable with our top-tier moving services.



Discover top-tier home storage services in Malta through The Shires Group. We offer a holistic approach, encompassing packing services, removal services, and secure removals storage facilities. Whether you’re in need of short-term storage during an international removal or long-term solutions, our moving and storage service has you covered. Our expert team handles every aspect, from packing to transportation, guaranteeing the safety of your belongings during the move. With years of experience, we’re distinguished among moving companies for our attention to detail and personalised approach. Trust us for a seamless transition, with removable storage facilities that cater to your needs. Choose The Shires Group for reliable and stress-free moving and storage services, making your Malta move a smooth and organised process.


Nestled in the Mediterranean, Malta boasts unique area postcodes like VLT1220 and BKR1013, reflecting its charming neighbourhoods. The area phone number code, +356, connects you to its warm culture. House prices, averaging €300,000, offer affordable living. If you’re considering relocations services from the UK to Malta, our expertise ensures a seamless transition. Our comprehensive service includes every step, from packing to transportation, making your move smoother. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, Malta awaits your arrival. Trust in The Shires Group for a worry-free UK to Malta move, creating a memorable journey to your new home


1. Sun-Kissed Lifestyle: Revel in over 300 days of sunshine, beckoning you to explore beautiful beaches and bask in a warm climate year-round.

2. Cultural Abundance: Dive into Picasso’s birthplace and immerse yourself in cultural treasures, museums, galleries, and dynamic festivals.

3. Gastronomic Journey: Delight in a culinary voyage of fresh seafood, traditional tapas, and regional specialities that define the Spanish experience.

4. Affordable Living: Experience a cost-effective lifestyle with favourable housing costs and daily expenses compared to other European cities.

5. Historic Marvels: Discover Malta’s history through the Alcazaba Fortress, Roman Theatre, and charming Old Town, a testament to its diverse heritage.

6. Gateway to Adventure: Beyond Malta, explore the enchanting Andalusian region, from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the white villages of Ronda.

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With 12 months of dedicated service, we excel as a removal company specialising in international removals services. Our removal teams ensure meticulous wrapping, packing, and secure transportation of your household goods and personal effects. Navigating customs clearance is hassle-free with our experienced international movers. We provide top-notch packing materials, ensuring your belongings arrive safely. The Shires Group stands as your dependable choice, making your move to Malta smooth, efficient, and memorable. Join countless satisfied clients who’ve chosen us for removals to Malta from the UK and other popular destinations. Make your transition to Malta a story of comfort and excitement. Contact us today at 0800 590 519 to embark on a journey that transcends distance and transforms lives.