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Experience hassle-free domestic and international removal with The Shires Group as you move to Milan. Our expert moving services ensure a stress-free transition, whether you’re relocating within the country or across borders. With years of experience in the industry, we prioritise the safe and efficient transportation of your belongings. Trust us to handle your move to Milan smoothly, making your journey to a new home a memorable one. Choose The Shires Group for reliable and professional moving solutions.



Navigate your house and move to Milan seamlessly with The Shires Group, a trusted removals company. Our comprehensive moving services ensure a stress-free transition whether you're relocating within Milan or moving from the UK to Milan. With our dedicated team and years of expertise, we prioritise the safety and efficiency of your house move. From packing to transportation, every detail is managed with care. As you embark on this exciting journey, trust The Shires Group to handle your house removals smoothly. Choose us for a reliable and professional approach that turns your move to Milan into a positive and memorable experience. Your new chapter in Milan awaits, and we're here to make it as smooth as possible.


Facilitate your office removals to Milan with The Shires Group, a trusted name among moving companies in Milan. Our tailored solutions ensure a smooth transition, whether it's a local office move or an international relocation from the UK to Milan. With a skilled team and extensive experience, we understand the complexities of office removals, aiming to minimise disruptions to your operations. From packing to set up, our dedicated professionals manage every aspect of your office move. As you plan your move to Milan, trust The Shires Group for a reliable and efficient moving company. Our track record sets us apart among removal companies, ensuring your office relocation is handled with expertise and care, allowing you to settle into your new Milan office seamlessly.


Transition to living in Milan effortlessly with The Shires Group’s comprehensive moving services. Our door-to-door solutions ensure a seamless move, letting you embrace the vibrant lifestyle of Milan with ease. Trust our expertise as you move to Milan, while we handle logistics. With The Shires Group, your move is transformed into an exciting adventure to a new home, made smoother and more enjoyable with our top-tier moving services.



Discover premium home storage services in Milan with The Shires Group. Our comprehensive approach encompasses packing services, removal services, and secure removals storage facilities. Whether you require short-term storage during an international removal or a long-term solution, our moving and storage service has you covered. Our adept team manages every step, from packing to transportation, ensuring the security of your belongings throughout the move. With years of experience, we stand out among moving companies for our attention to detail and personalised approach. Rely on us for a seamless transition, with removals storage facilities tailored to your needs. Choose The Shires Group for dependable and stress-free moving and storage services, ensuring your Milan move is an organised and successful endeavour.


Uncover the essence of Milan through unique area postcodes like 20121 and 20123, reflecting its diverse neighbourhoods. The area phone number code, +39, connects you to the heart of Italy. With house prices averaging €4,000 per square meter, Milan offers a mix of affordability and luxury living. For those seeking relocations services from the UK to Milan, our comprehensive service ensures a seamless move. From packing to transportation, our expertise makes your move stress-free. Experience Milan’s rich culture and elegance with The Shires Group, making your transition smoother than ever. Trust us to be your partner for dependable relocations services from the UK to Milan.


1. Cultural Extravaganza: Milan, a city known for its art, fashion, and history, offers a cultural immersion like no other. From the iconic Duomo to Da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” every corner echoes the past while embracing modernity. (Source: Milan Tourism).

2. Fashion Capital: Indulge in world-class shopping and haute couture in the fashion capital. Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda is a haven for style enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into the latest trends and timeless elegance.

3. Gastronomic Delights: Savor Italian cuisine at its finest. The Milanese culinary scene is a journey of flavours, from traditional risottos to modern interpretations. Local markets like Mercato di Via Papiniano showcase authentic Italian ingredients.

4. Economic Hub: Milan’s economic prowess as Italy’s financial and industrial hub opens doors to job opportunities and a thriving business environment. (Source: Invest in Lombardy).

5. Cosmopolitan Living: Embrace a cosmopolitan lifestyle with an efficient public transport system and vibrant social scene. Milan’s central location makes it an ideal base for exploring the rest of Europe.

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Choose excellence – choose The Shires Group for your UK to Milan move. As the best removal company, we ensure your European removal is seamless and stress-free. Our dedicated moving team manages every detail, offering expertise you can rely on. Dial 0800 590 519 to experience the exceptional care that defines The Shires Group. Trust us to make your move more than a transition – it’s a transformation. Join countless satisfied clients who’ve made their move with us. Choose The Shires Group for a journey that starts with your call and ends with your successful move to Milan.