Can you dismantle an upright piano?


Upright pianos are beautiful and elegant musical instruments that can bring joy and inspiration to any space. However, when it comes time to move or store an upright piano, many people are faced with the challenge of navigating narrow doorways and tight spaces. This is where the question arises: can you dismantle an upright piano?

Benefits of dismantling an upright piano

Dismantling an upright piano can offer several benefits, including:

  • Easier transportation: By disassembling the piano, it becomes much easier to maneuver through tight spaces and navigate staircases. This can significantly reduce the risk of damage to both the piano and the surrounding walls and furniture.
  • Cost savings: Hiring professional piano movers can be quite expensive, especially if the piano needs to be moved up or down multiple flights of stairs. By dismantling the piano, you may be able to transport it yourself or with the help of a few friends, saving you money in the process.
  • Storage convenience: If you need to store your upright piano for an extended period, dismantling it can save valuable space and make it easier to fit into a storage unit. This can be particularly useful if you have limited storage options.

Is it possible to dismantle an upright piano?

Yes, it is possible to dismantle an upright piano. However, it is a complex process that should only be attempted by experienced professionals. Dismantling a piano involves carefully removing the various components, such as the keyboard, soundboard, and strings, and ensuring that they are protected during the process. It requires specialized tools, knowledge, and expertise to dismantle and reassemble an upright piano correctly.

If you are considering dismantling an upright piano, it is recommended to hire a professional piano removal company. They have the necessary experience and equipment to safely dismantle and transport the piano without causing any damage. Additionally, they can provide valuable advice and guidance on the best approach for your specific piano and situation.

What to consider before dismantling an upright piano

Before deciding to dismantle an upright piano, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Piano condition: The overall condition of the piano should be assessed before dismantling. If the piano is old or has significant structural issues, it may not be suitable for dismantling and reassembling.
  • Professional assistance: As mentioned earlier, professional assistance is highly recommended. Attempting to dismantle a piano without the necessary knowledge and expertise can result in irreversible damage.
  • Reassembly options: It’s important to consider the availability of professionals who can reassemble the piano at its destination. Ensure that there are reputable piano technicians in your area who can handle the reassembly process.


Can I dismantle an upright piano myself?

Dismantling an upright piano is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and tools. It is not recommended to attempt it yourself unless you have prior experience and expertise. Hiring a professional piano removal company is the safest and most efficient option.

How much does it cost to dismantle an upright piano?

The cost of dismantling an upright piano can vary depending on various factors, such as the piano’s size, condition, and the complexity of the disassembly process. It is best to contact a professional piano removal company for an accurate quote.

Can a dismantled upright piano be reassembled?

Yes, a dismantled upright piano can be reassembled. However, it is crucial to hire a professional piano technician who has experience with piano reassembly. They will ensure that all components are properly aligned and that the piano is in optimal playing condition after reassembly.


Dismantling an upright piano is possible and can provide several benefits, including easier transportation and cost savings. However, it is a complex process that should only be undertaken by experienced professionals. Before deciding to dismantle a piano, consider factors such as the piano’s condition and the availability of professional assistance for reassembly. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that your piano is safely and efficiently moved or stored.