How do I dispose of a piano UK?


When it comes to disposing of a piano in the UK, it can be a challenging task. Pianos are large, heavy, and delicate instruments that require special care and attention. Whether you’re downsizing, moving, or simply looking to get rid of an old piano, it’s essential to know the best methods for piano disposal and the options available to you.

Table of Contents

  • Options for Piano Disposal
  • 1. Sell or Donate the Piano
  • 2. Recycle the Piano
  • 3. Hire a Professional Piano Removal Service
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Options for Piano Disposal

When it comes to disposing of a piano in the UK, you have several options available. Here are three common methods for piano disposal:

1. Sell or Donate the Piano

If your piano is in good condition and playable, selling or donating it can be a great option. Many people are looking for affordable pianos or are willing to take on a free piano. Here are a few places to consider:

  • Affordable Storage – They offer affordable storage options for pianos, as well as removal services.
  • Local Music Schools or Colleges – Contact local music schools or colleges to see if they are in need of a piano for their students.
  • Online Marketplaces – Websites like Gumtree or eBay are great platforms to sell or give away your piano.

2. Recycle the Piano

If your piano is no longer playable or in poor condition, recycling is a responsible and eco-friendly option. Contact your local recycling center or waste management facility to inquire about their piano recycling services. They will be able to provide you with information on how to properly dispose of the piano and ensure that it is recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

3. Hire a Professional Piano Removal Service

If you’re unable to sell, donate, or recycle the piano on your own, hiring a professional piano removal service is your best bet. These services specialize in safely and efficiently removing and disposing of pianos. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle the job effectively. Make sure to choose a reputable and experienced removal company to ensure the piano is handled with care.

One such company is Shires Removals, which offers comprehensive piano removal services in the UK. They have a team of experienced movers who can safely remove and dispose of your piano. Their movers are trained to handle delicate items like pianos with utmost care and professionalism.


Here are some frequently asked questions about piano disposal:

Q: Can I throw a piano in the trash?

A: No, pianos should not be thrown in the trash. They are large and heavy objects that require special disposal methods due to their size and materials.

Q: How much does it cost to dispose of a piano?

A: The cost of piano disposal can vary depending on the method you choose and the location. Selling, donating, or recycling may be more cost-effective options compared to hiring a professional removal service. It’s best to contact local services and inquire about their pricing.

Q: Can a piano be dismantled for disposal?

A: Yes, pianos can be dismantled for disposal. However, this is a complex process that requires professional expertise. It’s recommended to hire a professional piano removal service if you need to dismantle a piano for disposal.


Disposing of a piano in the UK requires careful consideration and planning. Whether you choose to sell, donate, recycle, or hire a professional removal service, it’s important to prioritize the safe and responsible disposal of the instrument. Consider the options available to you and choose the method that best suits your needs and the condition of your piano. Remember, a piano is not just an object; it’s a piece of history and art that deserves proper care and attention, even in its final journey.