What do most movers charge per hour?

Learn about the average hourly rates charged by professional movers and factors that can affect the cost. Find out how to determine if an hourly rate is worth it for your move.

What is relocation in simple words?

Learn what relocation means and how it can help you in moving your pets, plants, and other belongings. Find out about the services offered by Shires Removals for a stress-free relocation process.

What is the most common moving day?

Discover the most common moving day in the US and how to plan your move accordingly. Get tips and advice on finding a reliable moving company and making your move stress-free.

Moving your personal goods

Pre-Brexit, 4 million lorries a year crossed on what is known as the short straits route between Dover and Calais, and the nearby Channel Tunnel to Europe and back.   Shires Removals Europe makes effective use of other ports and routes too, to ensure the least amount of disruption and keeping transportation time down to […]