What does it mean when a company offers relocation assistance?

What Does It Mean When a Company Offers Relocation Assistance?

Relocating to a new city or country can be an exciting but daunting experience. From finding a new place to live to packing up your belongings and saying goodbye to friends and family, there are many things to consider when moving. However, when a company offers relocation assistance, it can make the process much easier and more affordable for employees.

What is Relocation Assistance?

Relocation assistance is a benefit provided by companies to help employees who are moving to a new location for work. It can include a range of services and support, such as:

  • Financial assistance: Companies may provide financial support to cover moving expenses, including transportation costs, temporary housing, and even assistance with selling or buying a home.
  • Travel arrangements: Some companies may arrange and cover the costs of travel, such as flights and accommodation, for employees and their families.
  • Temporary housing: If employees need a place to stay while they search for permanent housing, companies may provide temporary housing or cover the costs.
  • Relocation counseling: Companies may offer counseling services to help employees navigate the challenges of moving, such as finding schools for children, healthcare providers, and other essential services.
  • Shipping and storage: Companies may assist with shipping and storing employees’ belongings, making it easier for them to move their items to their new location.

The Benefits of Relocation Assistance for Employees

Relocation assistance can provide several benefits for employees:

  • Financial support: Moving can be expensive, but with relocation assistance, employees can receive financial support to help cover the costs of transportation, temporary housing, and other expenses.
  • Reduced stress: Moving to a new city or country can be stressful, but with relocation assistance, employees have access to support and resources to help ease the transition.
  • Save time and effort: Companies that offer relocation assistance can handle many of the logistical aspects of moving, such as finding housing and coordinating transportation, freeing up employees’ time and energy.
  • Access to local knowledge: Relocation assistance often includes access to counselors or resources who can provide valuable information about the new location, such as schools, healthcare providers, and community services.
  • Smooth transition: With the help of relocation assistance, employees can settle into their new location more quickly and smoothly, allowing them to focus on their new job and integrate into the community.

The Benefits of Relocation Assistance for Companies

While relocation assistance is primarily beneficial for employees, it can also be advantageous for companies:

  • Attract top talent: Offering relocation assistance can be a competitive advantage when recruiting top talent, especially for positions that require candidates to relocate.
  • Retain employees: Relocation assistance can help companies retain valuable employees who may be hesitant to move due to the costs and challenges associated with relocation.
  • Reduce turnover: By providing support and resources during the relocation process, companies can reduce the likelihood of employees leaving shortly after they move.
  • Enhance company culture: Relocation assistance demonstrates a company’s commitment to supporting its employees and can contribute to a positive company culture.
  • Improve employee satisfaction: When employees feel supported during the relocation process, their overall job satisfaction and morale are likely to increase.


What should I consider when negotiating relocation assistance with a company?

When negotiating relocation assistance with a company, consider the following:

  • The specific relocation expenses you need assistance with
  • The duration of the assistance (e.g., temporary housing, shipping and storage)
  • Whether the company provides support for finding housing and settling into the new location
  • Any repayment or clawback clauses if you leave the company within a certain period after the relocation

Is relocation assistance common for all types of jobs?

Relocation assistance is more common for certain types of jobs, such as positions that require specialized skills or expertise. However, some companies may offer relocation assistance for a wider range of positions to attract and retain top talent.


Relocation assistance is a valuable benefit offered by companies to help employees navigate the challenges of moving to a new location. It provides financial support, logistical assistance, and access to resources that can make the relocation process easier and more affordable. For employees, relocation assistance reduces stress, saves time and effort, and facilitates a smooth transition. For companies, it can attract top talent, reduce turnover, and enhance company culture. If you’re considering a job that requires relocation, be sure to inquire about the relocation assistance package to make the moving process as seamless as possible.