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Welcome to Your Slovenia Removals Company, proudly brought to you by the Shires Group. If you’re planning on moving to Slovenia from the UK, you’re in capable hands with us. Slovenia, a charming European country known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and warm culture, offers an incredible opportunity for a fresh start. When it comes to the logistics of your move, we’ve got you covered. We understand that moving can be both exciting and overwhelming, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure a smooth transition.



Slovenia House Removals with The Shires Group: Make your house move from the UK to Slovenia stress-free and efficient. As a trusted removals company, we specialise in European removals and offer comprehensive moving services. Our expert team ensures a smooth transition for your house move, handling every aspect with care. With years of experience, we're well-equipped to manage the intricacies of international relocations. From packing and transportation to customs clearance, we've got you covered. Embrace the excitement of moving to Slovenia while we handle the logistics. Discover reliable and professional moving services tailored to your needs with The Shires Group. Your journey to a new home begins here – let us make it a seamless experience for you.


Slovenia Office Removals with The Shires Group: Trust us for a seamless transition of your office space from the UK to Slovenia. Our expertise as one of the top moving companies in Slovenia ensures a reliable and efficient office removal process. With a focus on precision and care, we specialise in office removals and offer tailored solutions to meet your business needs. From packing and transportation to navigating international regulations, our experienced team ensures minimal disruption during the move. As a trusted removal company with a track record of successful relocations, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive moving services that encompass all aspects of your office move. Make your transition to a new workspace smooth and stress-free with The Shires Group.


Make your move to Slovenia from the UK an exciting adventure with the Shires Group. Discover the magic of Slovenia’s landscapes, culture, and lifestyle, knowing that your relocation is in the hands of experienced professionals. With our international removals expertise, you can focus on embracing your new life while we take care of the logistics. Start your journey today by contacting us for a seamless and stress-free move to Slovenia.



Home Storage Services in Slovenia with The Shires Group: Seamlessly integrate your packing, removal, and storage needs with our comprehensive moving and storage service. As one of the leading moving companies, we offer reliable storage facilities in Slovenia. Whether you require short-term storage during your transition or long-term solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our expert team ensures your belongings are safely packed, transported, and stored in our state-of-the-art removals storage facilities. With a focus on international removals, we streamline the process, providing you with peace of mind as you move. Trust our packing services to safeguard your items, and rely on our removal services for a smooth transition. When it comes to storage solutions in Slovenia, The Shires Group is your dependable partner, offering a complete range of moving and storage services to meet your unique requirements.

ABOUT Slovenia

Immerse yourself in this European gem, with distinct area postcodes like 1000 in Ljubljana. Discover area phone number codes, such as +386, facilitating easy connections. Gain insight into real estate through average house prices, enhancing your understanding before your relocations services from the UK to Slovenia. Our comprehensive service includes transport services, ensuring a smooth transition to your new Slovenian home. Let us guide you through the process, making your move stress-free and enjoyable.


1. Captivating Landscapes: Slovenia’s breathtaking landscapes, from the Julian Alps to picturesque lakes like Bled, offer a visual feast that’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Source: Lonely Planet

2. Cultural Richness: Immerse yourself in a blend of historic charm and modern culture. Slovenia boasts charming medieval towns like Piran and vibrant cities like Ljubljana, providing a unique blend of old and new.

3. High Quality of Life: Experience a cost-effective lifestyle without compromising quality. Slovenia offers excellent healthcare, education, and public services, making it a stress-free choice for families. Source: Numbeo

4. Easy Relocation: With stress-free removals to Slovenia, our door-to-door services ensure a smooth move. We handle the logistics, making your transition hassle-free and enjoyable.

5. Affordable Living: Benefit from moving costs that won’t break the bank. Slovenia’s relatively lower cost of living makes it an attractive destination for those seeking a rewarding life without overbearing expenses. Source: Expatistan

Why Move With Us

Moving to Slovenia requires careful planning and execution, and the Shires Group is here to make the process stress-free. With our expertise in international removals, we offer a top-notch removals service that covers every aspect of your move, from professional packing services to customs clearance. Our dedicated removals team ensures that your personal effects and furniture reach your new home in Slovenia safely and efficiently. We provide reliable transport to Slovenia, door-to-door service, and assistance with the necessary documentation, including work permits. Our commitment to excellent customer service, along with transparent and competitive moving costs, makes us the preferred choice for individuals and families making the move to Slovenia. Contact us at 0800 590 519 to begin your journey to living in Slovenia with confidence and ease.