Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT BETWEEN THE SHIRES REMOVAL GROUP (hereinafter called “the Contractor”) and the Customer

  1. These are the only conditions relating to the contract except for any express provision in the Acceptance Form or Inventory Form to which it refers.
  2. The Contractor reserves the right to accept or reject any contract. The act of signing the acceptance form by the customer does not bind the Contractor to complete the contract.
  3. The charge does not include the cost of dismantling or taking down any fixtures or fittings, furniture or other items to be removed and if such work is required to be done the customer shall pay the agreed charge and the Contractor shall not be liable for any damage caused to such fixtures etc., or to the walls or ceilings or otherwise by such taking down, dismantling or removing. The Contractor reserves the right to decline to undertake such dismantling or removal.
  4. If the estimated charge relates to specific items or a specific quantity thereof then an extra charge will be made for any additional items so removed or thereafter stored which shall be payable at the same time as the estimated charge.
  5. This contract is made upon condition that:-
    • the work of removal can be conveniently performed by the use of ordinary staircases and doorways.
    • there is an unobstructed approach to within 40ft. of the premises suitable for use by the Contractor’s vehicles.
    • no specialised equipment will be required to be used for the removal of goods and that same shall be used at the Contractor’s sole discretion and at the customer’s risk.
    • any interruption to work caused by collection or delivery of specialised equipment will be charged accordingly.
    • there shall be no interruption in the carrying out of such work of removal – any such interruption will be charged accordingly.
    • there is no implication that the Contractor will be prepared to remove windows doors etc., from any buildings to enable access and will only entertain the possibility if said doors or windows in question are of a suitable structure.
    • the work or removal can be completed within the regulated hours as set down in law.
  6. An extra charge will be made to the customer for extra work not previously notified to the Contractor or if due to conditions caused by the customer either advertently or inadvertently or for overnight expenses arising because the Contractor exceeds their maximum permitted hours in respect of driving or working under any binding statute regulation rule or other like provision.
  7. The Contractor shall not be liable in respect of any damage injury or loss caused to or by
    • Articles contained in any box drawer furniture or other receptacle not packed and unpacked by the Contractor.
    • Money, spirits, jewellery, bonds or any other like articles of special high value.
    • Injury to mirrors or loose glass. Damage caused to mechanism of clocks, pianos or other mechanically or electrically operated equipment or to musical instruments.
    • Furniture or items designed by its manufacturers for assembly after purchase whether purchased or acquired by the customer from the manufacturer or otherwise and where such furniture is in an assembled state and whether or not assembled by the customer. The customer must inform the Contractor in advance of any such items of furniture. Any such furniture or items shall remain entirely at the customer’s risk.
    • Any furniture or other items which will not withstand normal conditions of packaging and removal unless expressly identified to the Contractor prior to the handling by the Contractor of such furniture or item. The Contractor reserves the right to decline to handle such furniture or item unless such furniture or item was identified to the Contractor by the customer prior to removal. Unless express arrangements are made in this regard any such item will remain at the customer’s risk whether or not removed and the right is reserved to make an extra charge for any special arrangements which become necessary or interruptions as outlined in condition 5 above.

(O Fumiture or other items removed to or from a public saleroom or to or from premises where any other workman or workmen are employed and working (such as plumbers, carpenters or other like trades people) during the removal.

  • Fumiture or items during the transfer thereof to or from any ship, boat, ferry, locomotive or aircraft or whilst on board the same.
  • Or arising out of civil commotion, invasion not road, rail, air or sea accidents, labour troubles, acts of God, war, explosion, moth, vermin, pests or insects, flood, mildew, damp, rust, burglary, corrosion, deterioration, items of a leaky or perishable nature or any consequential loss or damage caused by third parties, criminal or otherwise.
  • Fabrics, curtains, upholstery, carpets etc., caused by rolling, folding, creasing or stacking.
  • Models, toys, statues etc., or plaster casting of any kind.
  • Contents of fridges or freezers.
  • Furniture or other items whilst being removed from any empty premises.
  1. The estimated charge includes the cost of loading and unloading and the use of all blankets, padding, ties, etc., required for the purpose and only if stated on the estimate packing and unpacking of small articles or down and re-fixing wardrobes etc. Cases etc., may be supplied to the customer for their own packing provided that the customer shall pay an agreed charge. Delivery and collection of the same to be chargeable and at the customer’s risk entirely. No liability is accepted by the Contractor for any accident or damage caused whilst using any equipment belonging to the Contractor. Use of said equipment is at customer’s risk entirely.
  2. The Contractor shall not be liable for any delay, loss or damage occurring without default on its part or on the part of its employees or agents. Furthermore it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that during the loading and before the Contractor’s loaded vehicle or vehicles depart no furniture or other item which should not be loaded is loaded or any furniture or other items which should be loaded is not loaded.
  3. No explosive, inflammable or dangerous articles in any shape or form shall be tendered for carriage and or storage and the Contractor may refuse to receive any such article.

I l . Any customer entering onto or into any premises, vehicles, containers or equipment of any kind belonging to the Contractor does so entirely at their own risk.

  1. No claims of any kind will be accepted by the Contractor unless exclusive use of the Contractor’s employees or Agents is proved.
  2. All furniture tendered for removal or storage by the Contractor shall be in an empty unloaded state. PROVIDED that if any item of furniture is so loaded then the Contractor will accept no liability for damage caused to or by any articles so packed or loaded in or on such furniture and the Contractor may unpack or unload any such article or articles and the customer shall be liable to pay the Contractor the extra charges for so doing.
  3. The Contractor shall not be liable for any claim not reported to the Contractor within three days after the goods shall have been delivered to the customer or his authorised agents or consignee thereafter confirmed in writing within seven days of such delivery.
  4. All charges for removal and or storage shall be paid at or if required before the time of delivery to the owner or his authorised agent or consignee (reasonable time for clearance being given if payment shall have been made by cheque) and the Contractor shall have a lien for such charges upon the goods hereby agreed to be removed and such payment shall not be delayed by the customer even if the customer proposes making any claims or counter claims against the Contractor for whatever purpose.
  5. If the customer shall rescind this agreement then there shall be payable by the customer to the Contractor 50% of the estimated cost or 5 hours cancellation fee, whichever is the greater to compensate the Contractor for the estimated actual loss suffered by them as a result of such rescission, such damages to be paid within seven days on demand by the Contractor.
  6. The Contractor’s liability for storage or warehousing of any furniture or other items removed as above shall be limited by the inventory signed by the parties and the Contractor shall not be responsible for any property not comprised therein.
  7. If due to no fault of the Contractor either the acceptance form or inventory be lost, destroyed, mutilated or otherwise disposed of, then all claims against the Contractor will be null and void, however, all monies due to the Contractor for services will then become payable immediately.
  8. Maximum value of goods in storage E2500 per container. In the event of total loss the maximum compensation is not to exceed E2500 per container unless a higher amount is previously agreed in writing. We therefore advise the customer to continue with their own household insurance to supplement any shortfall or take out supplementary insurance to cover the full value.
  9. The Contractor shall not be responsible for the destruction or loss of or damage to any articles contained in any furniture box or other receptacle unless the same has been packed and unpacked by the Contractor. The Contractor undertakes no liability for any destruction, damage or loss however caused unless due to negligence or wilful default of the Contractor or its employees or agents.
  10. If the Contractor should find that any articles excluded by condition 10 hereof foodstuffs or other goods which are perishable or likely to encourage vermin or similar pests or likely to cause infection shall have been tendered for storage then they may upon same become discovered be destroyed, sold or otherwise disposed of as the Contractor shall think fit and the balance of any monies realised by any such sale aner paying the costs thereof and incidental thereto shall be credited to the customer’s account.
  11. The Contractor may refuse to deliver up to the customer the articles deposited in storage or any of them until all warehousing or other outstanding charges there under accrued due and all other sums if any owed by the customer to the Contractor shall have previously been paid and a delivery order in writing (specifying or identifying the goods to be delivered up and the person to whom they are to be delivered up) signed by the customer shall have been given to the Contractor and not less than 7 week days notice of such delivery is given to the Contractor. The Contractor does not undertake to accept an order to deliver on any weekend or bank holiday.
  12. The warehousing or storage charges do not include the cost of packing any articles or the carriage thereofto or from the warehouse.
  13. All warehousing or storage charges are payable monthly in advance and all additional charges if any payable with the next instalment of such warehouse or storage charges to become due after the same are incurred.
  14. Without prejudice to the ordinary rights of action of the Contractor against the customer for breach of the previous condition or any condition hereof, within six months after becoming due the Contractor may upon giving to the customer one month’s notice in writing of its intention so to do unless all such charges shall in the meantime have been paid sell by auction or otherwise any or all of the articles of the customer in its charge and for that purpose may open (without being liable for any damage unavoidably caused thereby) any box or other package. An hourly charge will be made for preparing and delivering furniture and items to the auction and the balance of the proceeds of any such sale after deducting the costs thereof and incidental thereto shall be applied first in satisfaction of all charges and the residue shall be handed over to the customer.
  15. If the customer shall leave items in storage with the Contractor then the customer shall keep the Contractor informed at all times of the customer’s address and of any change thereof. Any notice of communication required to be given or sent by the Contractor to the customer hereunder or in connection herewith shall be deemed properly given or sent by Recorded Delivery post addressed to the customer’s last known address.
  16. Items deposited in storage with the Contractor may (subject to the following condition) only be removed from their warehouse by the Contractor or any agent authorised by it.
  17. The Contractor may at any time during storage require the customer by giving 14 days notice to remove within such 14 days all or any of the customer’s furniture or other items at the cost of the customer who shall discharge all out-standing storage or other fees due to the Contractor at or before the collection of the said furniture or other items from the Contractor’s custody.
  18. An acceptance/releasing fee will be charged to any customer who delivers/collects their own goods at the contractor’s warehouse.
  19. The original quoted rate for storage charges of long term storage may be changed by the Contractor at any time upon giving the customer I month’s notice.
  20. If any items placed into storage with the Contractor are required to be unpacked at the customer’s request for any reason then a charge will be made to the customer for so doing.
  21. Any items proved to be damaged through accidental or fault of the Contractor to be repaired or replaced at the discretion of the Contractor.
  22. The customer is strongly advised to take out insurance to cover any loss or damage to their goods, otherwise the Contractors liability will be limited to £50 per item or container/box contents.