Do movers leave clothes in dresser?

Do Movers Leave Clothes in Dresser? – A Guide to Moving Process


When it comes to moving house, one of the biggest tasks is packing up all your belongings. From furniture to clothing, the process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. However, there is a common practice among movers that can save you time, effort, and even money – leaving clothes in dressers. In this guide, we will explore whether movers leave clothes in dressers, the benefits of this practice, and how you can prepare for it.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Why Do Movers Leave Clothes in Dressers?
  • Is It Safe to Leave Clothes in Dressers?
  • Benefits of Leaving Clothes in Dressers
  • How to Prepare Your Dressers for Moving
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Why Do Movers Leave Clothes in Dressers?

Moving can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Movers are experts in maximizing efficiency and saving time. Leaving clothes in dressers is a common practice because it allows movers to transport your clothing without having to remove every item and pack them separately. Instead, they can simply move the entire dresser as is, ensuring that your clothing remains protected and organized during the move.

Is It Safe to Leave Clothes in Dressers?

Many people wonder if it is safe to leave clothes in dressers during a move. The answer is yes, as long as the dresser is sturdy and well-made. Movers are experienced in securing furniture and will take the necessary precautions to prevent any damage to your dressers and its contents during transportation. However, it is important to note that leaving items other than clothing in dressers, such as fragile items or heavy objects, may not be recommended. It is best to consult with your moving company regarding any specific concerns or restrictions.

Benefits of Leaving Clothes in Dressers

Leaving clothes in dressers offers several benefits for both you and the movers:

  • Time-saving: By leaving clothes in dressers, you can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent packing each individual item. Movers can quickly and efficiently move the dressers without the need for additional packing materials.
  • Cost-effective: Since leaving clothes in dressers saves time, it can also save you money. Movers typically charge by the hour, so reducing the amount of time required for packing can result in lower overall costs.
  • Organized unpacking: When you arrive at your new home, having your clothes already in dressers makes the unpacking process much easier. You can simply place the dressers in their designated spots and immediately have access to your clothing.

How to Prepare Your Dressers for Moving

While leaving clothes in dressers can be a convenient option, there are a few steps you can take to ensure a smooth and successful move:

  1. Empty heavy or fragile items: If your dresser contains any heavy or fragile items, such as jewelry or glassware, it is best to remove them and pack them separately to prevent damage.
  2. Secure drawers: To prevent drawers from sliding open during transportation, use packing tape or furniture straps to secure them in place.
  3. Protect the surface: Cover the surface of the dresser with a blanket or plastic wrap to prevent scratches or damage during the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I leave other items in my dresser?

While it is generally safe to leave clothing in dressers, it is not recommended to leave other items, especially heavy or fragile ones. Consult with your moving company for specific guidelines.

2. How should I label my dressers?

Labeling your dressers with the room they belong to can help movers quickly and efficiently place them in the correct location in your new home.

3. What should I do if my dresser is too heavy?

If your dresser is too heavy to move as is, consider emptying its contents into moving boxes and removing the drawers. This will make it easier to transport.


Leaving clothes in dressers is a common practice among movers and can save you time and effort during the moving process. As long as your dressers are sturdy and well-made, it is safe to transport your clothing this way. By taking a few extra precautions and consulting with your moving company, you can ensure a smooth and successful move while enjoying the benefits of leaving clothes in dressers.