Moving your personal goods

Pre-Brexit, 4 million lorries a year crossed on what is known as the short straits route between Dover and Calais, and the nearby Channel Tunnel to Europe and back.


Shires Removals Europe makes effective use of other ports and routes too, to ensure the least amount of disruption and keeping transportation time down to viable moving times. And to get you settled into your new life as soon as possible.


Post-Brexit regulations and compliances

Brexit changes affect both UK and EU international removals and relocations – and compliance with customs, procedures, and tax regulations.

“Truck drivers have to show that they have all the paperwork they need to ferry goods”, says an industry spokesperson.

These include documents such as Submission of customs declarations for the transport of removal goods through the United Kingdom, just one of many others.


Can I move my stuff from UK to Europe – or EU to UK?

Moving personal possessions around Europe in a post-Brexit world: Goods moving between Great Britain and the EU and vice versa must be declared to customs and are potentially liable to duty and import VAT in the country of arrival.

While some reliefs from customs charges and procedures are available, these need to be considered in advance and it is often necessary to apply to HMRC to make use of a particular relief before the goods are moved.

There is no relief for goods imported from secondary and holiday homes in the EU. More information can be found in HMRC guidance: Transfer of residence to Great Britain.


Compliance and advance authorisations are applicable for moving in both directions

There are numerous instances where advance authorisations are needed, such as moving cars, antiques, and other valuable items. It is essential to check what these are before embarking on a relocation between Europe and the UK and vice versa.

Once any advance authorisations have been obtained, it is also important to ensure that the relevant authorisation numbers have been included on the customs declaration when the goods arrive in Great Britain. Also, to check whatever information is needed for when you arrive in a European country, or any country you are relocating to.

The days of frictionless movement of personal property between the UK and EU are over. So, always make sure you include the necessary customs formalities in your plans to move your home or personal possessions across the border.


Moving countries and customs clearance

“When moving to a new country anywhere in the world, you are moving your residence, which means your furniture and possessions are changing residency with you.

But you are effectively exporting and importing goods, because the UK is now independent and what is considered a ‘third country’. To take goods out of a country, you need to export them. To bring them into another country, you must import them. This is the essence of customs clearance.

The process entails the value of your goods being assessed, and then you pay duty and VAT upon entry to the new country. Or you get tax and duty reliefs, to allow your goods to travel tariff and VAT free.”

Sounds simple – if you have all the paperwork to comply! But it is a task to gather all of the information needed, so that the move across borders is seamless.

Ask our helpful team about your inventory and what you are looking to move and relocate.


Moving our customers to and from Europe

We frequently provide moving services to our customers across the channel, even if it takes a bit longer and with more paperwork required! Your stress-free move is always our main aim.

Regardless of where you’re moving to or from, there are many ways of ensuring your belongings arrive safely at their UK or European destination. There are, nonetheless, several factors to consider before deciding on an international moving option.

The important things to bear in mind are keeping your costs down as best as possible, avoiding damage and breakages, and receiving your belongings on time. Our more than 45 years’ experience of moving our satisfied customers is testimony to the care we take when you entrust us to move your treasured items.


Our own fleet means we move you from door-to-door ourselves

We have our own large fleet of different-sized vehicles for different removal configurations, including transporting of your own cars and bikes too. This also means that you have door-to-door service from us, moving your goods from your old front door to your shiny new one! Your belongings don’t leave our protection.



We help you with your move from A-Z. From packing and loading, to transportation logistics and paperwork, to offloading on the other side. It’s all part of our full door-to-door removals and relocation service.


“Brilliant from start to finish. Stress free. Very friendly and hard working. No issues at the other end too. No damage. Highly recommended.” – Trustpilot



What to look for in a Removals company

A good track record, great service, super personnel, clear pricing, know their routes, swift and efficient shipping service, and add-on services like insurance and storage go a long way in making your removals company choice an easy one.


What about storage?

You may not want to bring all your important possessions to your new country, and we are totally on board with this. We offer lots of different kinds of storage, including commercial, household, short-term, long-term. You can store things to your heart’s content with Shires.


Streamlining your international move

We usually ask for more detailed information about your removal service required – such as a list of items to be moved, and details on access for removals vehicles and collection, and delivery floors. This will help with providing an accurate and transparent quote, and for better all-round planning.


Using a Check List for your international move

There are many things to cover when making a move abroad. Here are a few pointers you can add to your check list:

  • Your personal key documents, such as passports, birth certificates, driving licence, medical records, and the like
  • Any residence status paperwork and visas required for your destination
  • Moving with children: research schools for them to attend, any language tuition, amongst others
  • Moving with pets: vaccines and paperwork
  • Notify your GP of your move
  • Arrange your move and book a trusted removals company
  • Insurance: Health, Life, Travel, Home insurance (with Shires, our service to you is fully insured and quality assured)
  • Accommodation: if you aren’t able to immediately move into your new home
  • Sort out your finances: both in the UK and for your new destination
  • Tell the government: tell the tax authority you are moving and to see if there are any expat taxes
  • Pack up your belongings (or we can pack them for you)
  • And pack a box marked ‘Unload me first!’ for all your first-day needs, such as coffee, tea, mugs, towel


We look forward to moving you to your new home!


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Whether you are moving house or office, nationally or internationally, our friendly and helpful staff aim to make the move as easy and stress free as possible.

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