What is luggage storage at a hotel called?

What is Luggage Storage at a Hotel Called?

When you’re on a trip, whether it’s for business or leisure, you want to make the most of your time and enjoy every moment. One thing that can hinder your travel experience is carrying around heavy luggage. Fortunately, many hotels now offer luggage storage services, allowing you to securely store your belongings while you explore the city or attend meetings. But what is luggage storage at a hotel called? In this article, we will explore the benefits of luggage storage and reveal the name of this convenient service.

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Benefits of Luggage Storage

Before we unveil the name of luggage storage at hotels, let’s first explore the benefits of this service:

  • Convenience: Luggage storage allows you to explore the city without the burden of carrying heavy bags. You can freely move around, visit attractions, and enjoy activities without worrying about your belongings.
  • Flexibility: If you arrive in the city before check-in time or have a late flight after check-out, luggage storage provides a convenient solution. You can drop off your bags early or store them for a few hours after checking out, giving you more flexibility in planning your itinerary.
  • Security: Hotels typically have secure storage areas where you can leave your belongings. These storage areas are monitored and often require a key or access code, ensuring the safety of your luggage.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your luggage is safely stored allows you to relax and fully enjoy your travel experience. You don’t have to constantly worry about your bags being lost or stolen.

What is Luggage Storage at a Hotel Called?

The service of storing luggage at a hotel is commonly known as “concierge luggage storage” or “bell desk luggage storage.” When you arrive at the hotel, you can simply approach the concierge or bell desk and request to store your luggage. They will assist you in securely storing your bags and provide you with a claim ticket or receipt for easy retrieval.

Concierge luggage storage is a widely available service in hotels around the world. It is especially popular in tourist destinations and major cities where visitors often have the need to store their luggage temporarily.

Now that you know the name, you can confidently ask hotels about their luggage storage services when making reservations or upon arrival. This will ensure that you have a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.


Is luggage storage available in all hotels?

While luggage storage is a common service in many hotels, it may not be available in all establishments. It is always recommended to check with the hotel in advance or inquire at the time of booking to confirm if they offer luggage storage facilities.

How much does luggage storage at a hotel cost?

The cost of luggage storage at hotels can vary depending on the establishment and location. Some hotels may offer this service for free, especially if you are a guest. Others may charge a nominal fee. It is best to inquire about the cost when contacting the hotel or during check-in.

Can I store my luggage at a hotel even if I’m not a guest?

In many cases, hotels allow non-guests to use their luggage storage services for a fee. This is particularly useful for travelers who have arrived early or have a late departure but still want to explore the city without carrying their bags. Contact the hotel directly to inquire about their policies for non-guests using the luggage storage service.


Luggage storage at hotels is a convenient service that offers numerous benefits for travelers. Whether you need to store your bags before check-in, after check-out, or during the day while exploring the city, this service allows you to travel light and with peace of mind. Now that you know the name of this service, you can confidently inquire about luggage storage when planning your next trip. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility that luggage storage at hotels provides, and make the most of your travel experience!