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Discover a seamless move to Wakefield with The Shires Group. Our comprehensive moving services cater to both domestic and international removals, ensuring a smooth transition to your new destination. From local moves to international relocations, our experienced team handles every aspect of your move, providing peace of mind throughout the journey. Trust The Shires Group for a reliable and professional moving experience that takes the stress out of your house move.



For stress-free Wakefield house removals with The Shires Group. Our comprehensive moving services ensure a smooth house move, whether you're transitioning locally or internationally, including European removal. As a trusted removals company, we specialise in efficient and secure moving from the UK to Wakefield. With tailored solutions and extensive experience, we handle your belongings with care. From packing to transportation, our team ensures each detail is managed. Trust The Shires Group for a reliable and hassle-free house move to Wakefield. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail sets us apart, ensuring your move is a seamless and successful experience. Choose us for your relocation needs, confident that we prioritise the safe and timely transfer of your possessions.


For seamless office removals in Wakefield, trust The Shires Group, a leading moving company in the area. As one of the reliable removal companies in Wakefield, we specialise in efficient Office removal services, whether you're moving within the city or from the UK to Wakefield. Our experienced team ensures a smooth transition, catering to your specific needs. With a commitment to professionalism and attention to detail, we handle every aspect of your move, allowing you to focus on your business—partner with us for stress-free office relocation. With years of experience, The Shires Group is your go-to choice for reliable and hassle-free office moves in Wakefield.


For a smooth transition to Wakefield with The Shires Group. Our door-to-door moving services ensure a hassle-free relocation. Discover the benefits of living in Wakefield with the support of our expert team, dedicated to making your move a seamless experience. Trust us for reliable and efficient moving services, ensuring your journey to Wakefield is stress-free and convenient.



Experience convenient and secure home storage services in Wakefield with The Shires Group. Our comprehensive removal services extend to include efficient packing services and flexible removals storage solutions. Whether you’re planning an international removal or need short-term storage during your move, our state-of-the-art storage facilities ensure your belongings are kept safe and accessible. As a trusted moving company, we offer a seamless moving and storage service that caters to your unique needs. With years of expertise, The Shires Group is committed to providing reliable and stress-free solutions for all your storage requirements. Choose us for a professional and hassle-free approach to your home storage needs in Wakefield and beyond.

ABOUT Wakefield

Discover Wakefield, a vibrant city with actual area postcodes like WF1 and WF2. Nestled in West Yorkshire, it boasts a rich history and thriving community. The area code, including 01924, connects you locally. Explore our comprehensive relocation services, covering the UK to Wakefield transport. Our offerings extend beyond relocations, including transport services tailored to your needs. Experience the charm of Wakefield’s diverse amenities and attractive house prices. Trust us for seamless relocations and embark on a journey that captures the essence of this dynamic locale. From historical landmarks to modern conveniences, Wakefield offers an enriching lifestyle. Partner with us for a smooth transition and unlock the potential of this inviting city.


1. Historic Charm: Moving to Wakefield means immersing yourself in a town steeped in history. Explore its captivating architecture, such as Sandal Castle, and delve into centuries-old tales that enrich the atmosphere.

2. Convenient Location: Situated in West Yorkshire, Wakefield offers excellent connectivity to major cities like Leeds and Sheffield. Commuting for work or leisure becomes effortless, making it a prime spot for a cost-effective relocation.

3. Cultural Delights: Enjoy a vibrant cultural scene with venues like The Hepworth Wakefield, showcasing contemporary art, and the Theatre Royal Wakefield, offering live performances that enrich your entertainment options.

4. Quality of Life: Embrace a relaxed lifestyle in a town that strikes a balance between urban amenities and a peaceful environment. Benefit from excellent schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational spaces, enhancing your family’s quality of life.

5. Affordable Living: Wakefield boasts more affordable housing options compared to nearby cities, making it a smart choice for those looking to make the most of their moving costs while enjoying a comfortable life.

Why Move With Us

Choosing The Shires Group ensures a smooth transition when moving home. Our professional removals team guarantees your belongings are safe and secure throughout the process, giving you peace of mind. As a trusted removals company, we offer a reliable removals service and even a comprehensive packing service. Rest assured. Your house move will be handled with the utmost care—partner with us for a hassle-free relocation to Wakefield. Contact us at 0800 590 519 for a professional service that provides peace of mind every step of the way.